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Polyurethane Conveyor Belt Scraper

Urethane Conveyor Belt Scraper Secondary Conveyor Belt Clearner
Urethane Conveyor Belt Scraper
Secondary Conveyor Belt Clearner
Polyurethane Belt Cleaners conveyor belt cleaning
Cross-Reference for Replacement of
Martin Durt Tracker XHD Precleaner Blades
Conveyor Belt Cleaning
Primary Cleaner For Converyor Belt Belt Cleaner Replacement Blades
Primary Cleaner For Converyor Belt Belt Cleaner Replacement Blades
Polyurethane blades for Scrapers Primary Belt Scraper Blade
Polyurethane Tear Drop Scraper Blade Primary Belt Scraper Blade
poly scraper blade replacement scraper blade replacement
3/8" channel = 7/16" Slot Width
MSP(Standard Mine-Duty Precleaner)
1/2¡± channel = 9/16"Slot Width
MHP(Mine Tough Heavy-Duty Preclaner)
Polyurethane Doctor Blade
Polyurethane Doctor Blade & Track Mount Scraper Blade

Polyurethane scraper blades are used in many industries and OEM equipment worldwide. Cast polyurethane scraper blades are flexible, non-corrosive, chemical resistant and can withstand continued service under some of the most demanding conditions. They can be cast separately or bonded to a variety of materials. Urethane can typically out wear rubber 10 to 1 in most abrasive applications, as well as last three times as long as the most durable metal scrapers.

Urethane Scraper Blades are large metal bars commonly coated with urethane to produce a soft blade to redirect product off a roller or to simply keep the roller clean while it process¡¯s material. Polyurethane Scraper blades are normally found as part of conveyor systems.

Polyurethane belt cleaners and scrapers are specially designed to help keep your conveyors running efficiently and consistently, so you reduce maintenance costs, work safer, and save money. From primary cleaners and secondary cleaners to specialty cleaners developed for select applications, we have numerous options to help you minimize carryback. 

We offer a range of Polyurethane Scrapers to suit a variety of applications. The scraper shafts are available in a various lengths and can be tailored to suit each individual conveyor.Our polyurethane scraper blades are available in a wide range of colours, sizes and degrees of hardnesses. We can also customise our scraper blades by adding holes, slots and cutouts, to the specific requirements of our customers.


  • Low friction coefficient is good in corrosion resistanc.
  • Higher strength without damaging the belt, especially steel cord belt
  • Flexibility and stiffness to adapt to belt profile
  • Reach to food grade requirement, especial for food conveyor belt
  • Fire retardant and anti static are available properties, especial for the mining industry 
  • Pre-slotted mounting holes reduce downtime and potential injury


Polyurethane scraper is commonly used in coal chemical conveyor belts for scraping off the attached ash and powder material. Such as the coal transportation, fertilizer transport, gravel transport and so on.

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